Schermata 2014-10-31 alle 21.12.34A plant constructed in a photovoltaic and wind power array, capable of storing 200 kWh of energy in the form of hydrogen.
One of the latest ideas in the field of renewable energies is the combination of photovoltaic/wind power and hydrogen gas. The constant and meticulous technological research has brought new benefits in this field through a new system that allows the storage of energy and its use at night, when the photovoltaic plant is not operatin.
In our plant installed in Slovakia, electricity produced by photovoltaic technology can be used to generate hydrogen and oxygen through the use of water and an “electrolyser”, also known as an electrolytic cell. The hydrogen is stored when the photovoltaic plant is in operation. At night, however, through the aid of a fuel cell, the two elements are used to generate electricity, enabling the user to make savings.