Schermata 2014-10-31 alle 21.12.45A zero environmental impact structure for storage by means of renewable energy hydrogen.
The plant, constructed on the island of Spargi, uses renewable technologies for fuelling and maintaining an off-grid structure, that is, not connected to the electricity network. The system is based on the use of various forms of energy production, which all use hydrogen as the energy “carrier”. Energy independence has therefore been attained, with the consequent economic and energy savings.
The plant, located in the La Maddalena national park, fully meets the energy requirements of the Casa del Parco. The system is made up of photovoltaic panels of 7.5 kilowatts producing solar heat for the production of hot water, a land-based 1 Kw wind turbine and a hydrogen generator.
Specifically, the hydrogen is a supplementary source of renewable energy: it is, in fact, produced from recovered rainwater and the process, which has high energy consumption, is fuelled using the micro wind power plant. This is not connected to the network and so any energy produced but not used would otherwise have been wasted.
With this system, however, it is possible to store it in the form of hydrogen, which fuels the operation of the appropriate plant when the energy stored in the batteries runs out. The by-product of this process is water.