CTS Energy conceived, designed and produced H2home for a completely ‘green’ house. Thanks to a technologically advanced software. H2home allows to reach a high energy efficiency by checking in a clever way electrolysis processes, storage and reconversion to electric power through Fuel Cell. H2home is the first system on the market which can give electric power independence simply by adjusting its size.
H2home, a patent pending product, assures a complete self-use of domestic renewable energy.
It is made of a single unit that can easily be part of the domestic room, outfitted with all the necessary safety measures to make sure that all the power produced by its item can be re-used.
The power energy produced by your photovoltaic plant, but not used, will be converted into hydrogen and stored in cylinders. As an example, the electric consumption load, which is not supported by the photovoltaic system at night time, can be assured by re-converting hydrogen stored at daytime into electric power.


• Domestic
• Office
• Storage/cylinders


To maximize energy saving, H2home is conceived within a sustainable perspective: water to be converted into hydrogen is the
rain one, the oxygen used by fuel cells comes from the environment air, the waste of all the process is only steam, it does not pollute.
H2home also assures service in case of blackout or overload of the domestic system, supplying the necessary power for electricity consumption. It also works, under certain circumstances, as generator for a short period.


• Different electric power sizes
• Patent pending system
• Home automation control through web
• Indoor/outdoor item
• Energy autonomy
• Smart checking of energy produced by renewable source
• Top- level safety conform to EC
• Design
• Easy to install

• No pollution emission in the environment, only water steam
• 100% renewable source energy consumption
• Energy sustainability
• Possibility to disconnect from electricity grid
• Low maintenance
• High level of the system efficiency
• No worn-out components
• Compact
• Lasting recharge of tank
• Re-use of rainwater
• Re-use of environment air
• UPS mobility system in case of blackout