The project of H2dispenser system is a thorough item made of hydrogen electrolyser and storage, result of the best synergy among sustainable technologies available to produce, store and reuse electric power. The system has a renewable energy converter which thanks to hydrogen is fit for traditional practical uses such as the everyday electric mobility.

H2dispenser embodies the new concept of distribution of sustainable energy available to everybody and is characterized by a high level of efficiency of transformation, a minimal environmental impact, insignificant emissions, low noise, modular efficacy, and easiness of tracking. The product consists of a Stand-Alone single item able to make easy for hydrogen to access in a rapid,
safe and direct way in several different practical uses. For the first time an easy Plug & Play system of hydrogen distribution is available.



• Different sizes of rechargeable cylinders
• Quick substitution
• Plug & Play
• Design
• Web Check application
• Remote control
• Maximum safety conform to EC
• Possibility to customize the storage


H2dispenser allows a punctual and independent localization of the energy in the form of hydrogen. The idea is to make accessible the H2 to reach the user everywhere it is, in an easy and completely safe way.

• Electric mobility
• Hydrogen UPS
• Welding
• Laboratory practical uses
• Electric generator

• Possibility of being integrated
• Plug & Play
• Stand alone
• Limited level of maintenance
• Efficiency
• No CO2 emissions
• Ready substitution of returnable tanks