CTS Energy’s electrolyser is the gateway to a hydrogen economy. The electrolysers are made up of modules that ensure low running costs. They are also equipped with touchscreen display interfaces for the direct and intuitive control of the plant by the user.
By means of the electrolytic process, water molecules are broken down into oxygen and hydrogen by passing an electrical current through the water. If the energy we are using comes from a renewable source, we can obtain hydrogen at zero cost. Thanks to CTS Energy’s technologies, the hydrogen can be extracted directly from rainwater and stored in high pressure cylinders, with the consequent savings in energy, costs and space.

• Delivery pressure up to 30 bar
• Hydrogen purity of 99.94% (at 30 bar)
• Integrated water tank
• Touchscreen display
• Automatic pressure release
• Alarm levels setting
• Option of remote control
• Option of rephasing the network