CTS Energy has designed solutions for the safety of your electronic systems, managing the numerous benefits of a Fuel Cell applied to a back-up system that produces electricity. With an Uninterruptible Power System, the limitations of traditional storage systems and generators have now been overcome through remotely managed control and a marked reduction in maintenance times and costs.
UPS is a system used in strategic sectors like telecommunications, data centres and hospitals in order to ensure the continuous supply of electricity to equipment during blackouts.
The system offers undeniable advantages, beginning with the modular structure that enables dual locations, indoors and outdoors, depending on the needs of the client. The Fuel Cell, the heart of the system, is perfectly adapted to this use since versatility of location is ensured by the absence of emissions of pollutants and a ten-year life cycle.

• No CO2 emissions
• Remote control
• Perfect in the management and control of electrical emergencies