The know-how of CTS Energy comes from the thirty years’ experience of its founders in various industrial and energy sectors. The diversity of approaches has enabled the implementation and development of innovative technologies for the production of innovative systems, containing the costs and increasing the reliability of the products.

The additional step that has enabled CTS Energy to open up new and promising international markets is the use of hydrogen gas as a clean and sustainable source of energy through the improvement of the processes of electrolysis and applied technologies. Indeed, we have attained the conversion of hydrogen from simple rainwater. The key feature is the system of storage at high pressure. In fact, the surplus energy generated by photovoltaic panels is used for the generation of hydrogen that is then stored in suitable containers. When needed, the hydrogen can be converted into electricity through the use of Fuel Cells.
This technology, compared to conventional batteries, offers greater autonomy and increased resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature. It requires less maintenance than batteries or normal diesel and methane generators. It is environmentally friendly since it does not give off noise or emit pollutants.

The extensive and growing use of the Fuel Cell is forecast in the telecommunications sector, data centres and hospitals where a constant, uninterrupted supply of electricity is essential and for which hydrogen UPS is the perfect solution.