• On Saturday, April 11th, 2015 “Hydrogen-powered bike by TC Mobility” Source:

“April 11th, 2015, Saturday. A memorable day as concerns sustainable mobility, made in Alto Adige-Südtirol.

Along Bolzano ways, we came across the first hydrogen-powered bicycle. The model is typically Bolzano-style: it comes from TC Mobility works, a well-known company in Alto-Adige district which invented and manufactured “Frisbee”, the legendary electric bike, a roaring success. TC Mobility has been commissioned to carry out a model of hydrogen “Scoobi” Fresbee, meant to be used in four different ways:

– 220 volt rechargeable batteries (electricity grid).

– 12 volt recharge (cigar lighter in a car).

– by pedals (as a common bicycle)

The model tested along Bolzano ways was sent to Hannover to be shown at the exhibition as an exclusive preview, on April 13th-17th, 2015, by CTS Energy from Udine, which is the company instructing TC Mobility to create a hydrogen-powered bicycle. Here it is the video at goinfo:


  • Thursday, April 16th, 2015. “Electric bicycles powered by hydrogen: first models tests

Source Corriere della Sera Innovazione: link:

  • Friday, April 17th, 2015. “Hannover Messe 2015: the Italian voice” source H2IT – Italian Hydrogen Association.

“The international trip Italy took up together with Hannover Messe 2015, the most important world exhibition in the field of industry and technology, comes to an end today, April 17th. As every year, the Italian presence continues to make a name for itself. Indeed, it’s not by chance that companies such as Cts Energy have become known not only in Germany, but also outside European borders. Cts Energy has applied the typically Italian pragmatism to its products for distribution and storage of hydrogen for everyday use, such as the electric mobility. “We got the approval of Tobias Renz, the exhibition organizer – confirmed with a great enthusiasm Mauro Gregori, Cts Energy Sales Manager – we turned our concept of Hydrogen Storage into a tangible reality.” GENPORT too, spin-off of Milan Polytechnic, has revealed to be capable of combining advanced technologies, trustable and compact applications powered by highly sustainable energies. Some of the best engineering applications have been found here at GENPORT, stand D60/3 Hall 27 in Hannover Messe, where the exhibition of PEWMFC-powered cells combined with lithium-ion and solar batteries, has given the opportunity to thousands of visitors to see how it is possible to supply variable energy off the grid, being environmentally-friendly, also with strict environmental conditions, being highly trustworthy, providing extreme compactness and portability.



  • Monday, Aprile 27th, 2015. “TC Mobility: with Frisbee the Electric bicycles recharge itself by hydrogen (VIDEOINTERVIEW)” source

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